Tips to Minimize Your Smartphone Battery Consumption


Given its wide range of features and multi-functionality works on mobile platforms like Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung, it is not surprising that the battery life is always a problem for designers, manufacturers and users themselves.

On average, most smartphone batteries lasts between one or two days before it was really tired and need to recharge.

While we waiting for the development of hardware to catch up, the alternative is to save the mobile batteries. As with our energy level, by effective use of battery life, so nothing to lose the battery charge. Without spare or battery backup with you wherever you go, you should minimize the consumption of battery juice.

Vibrations Will Turn Off

Vibrations are helpful for identifying incoming calls or messages when you hold phone at the theatre, meetings or other places where the phone need to silent. In places it is not serious, is better for you to use your ringtone as notification, if you want to keep your smartphone longer.

Vibration actually consume more energy than the ringtone. Sounds produced by ringtone only a very small vibration in smartphone’s speaker.

Compare with the shaking of entire phone caused by vibrations, playing a ringtone zaps much less battery. If you do not feel the need, then turn off vibration or at least reduce the oscillation amplitude.

Dim Your Screen

It is clear that dim your screen to reduce energy consumption, whenever we use our phone then only activate the screen.

Shorten Screen Timeout

If you want to reduce the energy consumption of your smartphone screen, you should consider shortening the screen timeout.

Switching Off When Inactive

While the smartphone to turn on consumes more energy than unlock your phone, switching off for a few hours can save battery than leaving it on standby or off mode.

Charge Your Battery Correctly

To keep the battery long lasting, learn more about the type of battery that your smartphone use and we reserve the right charging strategy for optimal use.

Close Unnecessary Apps

Close your apps if you are not using them.

Disable GPS

Some apps eat more battery juice than others, especially apps that use GPS system to track your location. So disable GPS, after your use.

No Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G When Not In Use

Turn off your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when you don’t need to be connected.

Minimize Notifications

Every incoming notification will light up your screen, make a sound alert or vibrate.
Manage your settings and disable many unnecessary messages to save the battery and frustration by constant messages or notifications.

Maintain Cool Temperature

Don’t place your smartphones under direct sunlight or in any place that is hot.The battery will function optimally in cooler atmosphere.

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